Adblock Plus extension is used to block all kind of unwanted ads appears on your screen. Add blacklist in your Adblock Plus extension to avoid all your pop-up ads. Adblock Plus became the most popular browser extension with around 50 million satisfied users worldwide.

After installing Add Block Plus for Internet Explorer, you will no longer see Annoying ads, YouTube Video Ads, Popups, Banners, Facebook ads, Twitter Feed ads. Add Block Plus bound with security and privacy protection.

Adblock Plus Extension is available for:

AdBlock Plus for Chrome Free Download

Adblock plus for chrome

AdBlock Plus for Chrome Free Download: Get our Adblock Plus Chrome latest version. Download and install Adblock Plus for Chrome. Adblock Plus for chrome is more powerful Chrome extension and is capable of blocking all kind of unobtrusive ads which appears on the site. Adblock has active 40 million users online. Many sites are used to display unwanted ads or unobtrusive ads in a browser which annoys the audience while surfing.

These unobtrusive ads will appear in almost all the sites which are unrelated to the content of our site. Our browser such as adblock plus for chrome or firefox will never mind the ads appear on the websites. Due to this, the user may face a lot of inconveniences while surfing the internet. To overcome the circumstances, the chrome browser provides you with the adblock plus for chrome extension name called ‘AdBlocker’. Google Chrome extension Adblock Plus for chrome is available for free. Free download Adblock extension in google chrome.  

Adblock Plus chrome is an effective ad blocker tool which is provided by adblock plus for chrome to make user convenient while surfing the internet without any annoyance. adblock plus for chrome blocks all the pop-ups, banners and adware in the website and allows a user to surf quickly without any delay. Adblock plus Chrome detects all the incoming ads and blocks them automatically. The manual help is not needed to block pop-ups, banners and the adware. The user needs to create the whitelist and blacklist sites whereas adblocker filters them accordingly. You can manually change the Proxy configuration settings in your adblock plus for chrome.

Adblock Plus for Chrome>>>> Download

adblock plus for chrome is familiar ad blocker with over 200 million downloads. Adblock Plus for chrome also blocks the ads which appear on the social media sites like ‘Facebook‘ and video giant ‘Youtube‘. If a user wishes to watch online tv shows on youtube or other sites, then there might be some appearance of such pop-ups, banners and adware. To avoid such interruption, Adblock plus for chrome extension has a unique feature in demolishing the unwanted ads even in the youtube channel. Adblocker doesn’t allow the ads to get downloaded in the sites to pop up. >>

Adblocker doesn’t allow the ads to get downloaded in the sites to pop up. >> Continue Reading

Adblock Plus for Firefox Free Download


Adblock Plus Firefox Free Download: Adblock Plus firefox blocks all types of annoying ads including Youtube ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pop-ups and banners, and Sneaky ads, Ads that disrupt content. The free Mozilla Firefox add-on removes all annoying online ads from your browser.

Adblock Pro Plus for Firefox blocks all intrusive advertisements everywhere on the web and makes your browsing experience extensively more enjoyable! Adblock Plus firefox supports free content by allowing non-intrusive ads by default (if you think this is a bad idea, you can turn it off). Download Adblock Plus for Firefox for free. The most beloved adblocker also offers optional protection against malware and tracking while letting you disable social media buttons that can track you if even if you never click “like.”

Adblock Plus for Firefox equipped with over 40 potential filter lists. Adblock Pro Plus is proud to have started the Acceptable Ads initiative to provide a compromise to websites with non-intrusive ads (configurable). You can apply for proxy configuration of Adblock plus.

Adblock Plus for Firefox >>>> Download

Adblock pro automatically stops ads from displaying while you are online, giving you a much cleaner surfing experience.

Control features: Although the idea of blocking every ad on the Internet sounds good, in reality, we have become so used to ads that we want some of them. Some websites advertise content that we find interesting. The features in Adblock Plus firefox allows you to make allowances quickly for individual ads are ideal for enabling the type of advertising content.

Perfect for beginners: You have a lot to choose from when it comes to finding a piece of ad blocking software. One of the biggest appeals of Adblock Plus for Mozilla Firefox is that it is well-suited to the beginner.

Removing additional ads: Just as ad blocking software can remove too many ads, it can also fail to miss some that you want to move. Adblock Plus for Firefox makes it easy to remove components you do not wish to view, by just adding an option in the contextual menus to eliminate content from the browser window. >> Continue Reading

Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer Free Download

Add block Plus for Internet Explorer

Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer Free Download: Adblock Plus is a free download software that blocks annoying ads, banners, pop-ups in the websites you surf. AdBlock Plus blocks most of the annoying ads automatically for free but you can get them back easily if you want and also unblock those sites using AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer and also make changes in Proxy configuration settings.

AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer does more than an Adblocker but also disable tracking, social media buttons and malware domains. The AdBlock Plus icon appears in the status bar of the Internet Explorer brand makes us easy to manage add-ons, blockings, reports issues and bugs to the AdBlock Plus community. Download Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer.

Also, we tried AdBlock Plus in few sites that have acceptable ads, and the Adblocker worked fine. All Internet Explorer Users must try the AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer!

AdBlock Plus protects you from malware tracking and spam websites. AdBlock Plus is 100% FREE and is available for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon, Opera and Android Devices.

 Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer >>>> Download

AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer can block adds existing in any form including pictures, animations, Java Scripts layers, texts, flash. AdBlock Plus handles any ads and provides peaceful surfing over the internet for the users. The main features of AdBlock Plus are,

  • Advanced filters such as blacklists, whitelists, regular expression filters
  • Quicker loading
  • Lower resource waste on bandwidth, CPU and memory
  • Faster and Easier
  • Automatic Filter updates
  • Adblock Plus Element hiding

The sparkling new AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer works well than any other browser.

AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer was checked with some of the add-loaded sites showed some placeholder but AdBlock Plus removed all of those and made us a much cleaner look over the browser. >> Continue Reading

Adblock Plus Apk for Android Free Download

AdBlock free download

Adblock Plus Apk for Android is an Android app that runs in the background and filters ads, using the same filter lists as the Adblock Plus browser extensions. It works on Android version 2.3 and higher. Download Adblock Plus for Android.

Adblock Plus Apk is a super awesome and one of the best available Android apps in the Google Play Store Market. It lets you focus on enjoying the content rather than waiting for them and prevents the time of loading of the ads thus engaging into user-friendly view of the websites.

Adblock Plus Apk for Android >>>> Download

If the device is rooted, Adblock Plus Apk will filter all web traffic out of the box. On non-rooted devices running Android 4.1.2, 4.2.1 and higher, Adblock Plus Apk will filter all WiFi traffic, but it needs to be configured as a proxy server manually. On non-rooted devices running Android 3.1 and higher, Adblock Plus Apk will filter all WiFi traffic out of the box. Some devices do not support proxy configuration, and Adblock Plus Apk does not work on those.
The most popular ad blocker for desktop browsers is now available for your Android phone, tablet.Chrome, safari, firefox, internet explorer and much more. Block intrusive pop-ups and annoying ads on Facebook, YouTube and more. Adblock Plus is also available for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Block Ads in Adblock Plus Apk

Adblock Plus Apk blocks all annoying ads on the web by default, including video ads on YouTube,Facebook ads, flashy banners, pop-ups, pop-unders and much more. According to the selection, the ads appear on your site.

Allow Acceptable Ads in Adblock Plus Apk

Since many websites rely on advertising revenue, Adblock Plus Apk encourages the use of non-intrusive advertising rather than annoying, irrelevant ads.

Disable Tracking in Adblock Plus Apk

With every browsing session, multiple firms are tracking your online activity and browsing history. Hundreds of ad agencies are following your every move. With Adblock Plus Apk, you can easily disable most tracking and browse the web more anonymously.

Disable Social Media Buttons in Adblock Plus Apk

Buttons used to share content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others. Even if you don’t click them, these buttons send requests to the social network’s servers which then uses the information to create a profile based on your browsing habits. With Adblock Plus Apk, you can disable the social media buttons. >> Continue Reading

Adblock Plus Apk Proxy Configuration

Adblock Plus Apk for Android

Adblock Plus Apk Proxy Configuration: Android versions before 3.1 do not have proxy settings built-in, but several manufacturers have added them to their devices. If you have a non-rooted device running an earlier Android version than 3.1, you can still set up the proxy manually.

Adblock Plus Apk Proxy Configuration >>>> Download

Depending on the device, the proxy settings are in different places. If your device is in the following list, follow the specific instructions:

Adblock Plus equipped with over 40 potential filter lists. Adblock Pro Plus is proud to have started the Acceptable Ads initiative to provide a compromise to websites with non-intrusive ads (configurable). You can apply for proxy configuration of Adblock plus. >> Continue Reading