Adblock Plus for Firefox Free Download

Adblock Plus Firefox Free Download: Adblock Plus firefox blocks all types of annoying ads including Youtube ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pop-ups and banners, and Sneaky ads, Ads that disrupt content.

The free Mozilla Firefox add-on removes all annoying online ads from your browser. Adblock Pro Plus for Firefox blocks all intrusive advertisements everywhere on the web and makes your browsing experience extensively more enjoyable! Adblock Plus firefox supports free content by allowing non-intrusive ads by default (if you think this is a bad idea, you can turn it off).

Download Adblock Plus for Firefox for free.Adblock Plus for Firefox

The most beloved adblocker also offers optional protection against malware and tracking while letting you disable social media buttons that can track you if even if you never click “like.”

Adblock Plus for Firefox equipped with over 40 potential filter lists. Adblock Pro Plus is proud to have started the Acceptable Ads initiative to provide a compromise to websites with non-intrusive ads (configurable). You can apply for proxy configuration of Adblock plus.

What’s new in Adblock Plus for Firefox

Adblock Plus for Firefox
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  • Fixed issues that Adblock Plus Firefox could potentially cause on Firefox startup.
  • Some first-run page optimisations.
  • Cleaned up internal messaging approach.

Adblock Pro Plus for Firefox Features

Adblock pro automatically stops ads from displaying while you are online, giving you a much cleaner surfing experience.

Control features: Although the idea of blocking every ad on the Internet sounds good, in reality, we have become so used to ads that we want some of them. Some websites advertise content that we find interesting. The features in Adblock Plus firefox allows you to make allowances quickly for individual ads are ideal for enabling the type of advertising content.

Perfect for beginners: You have a lot to choose from when it comes to finding a piece of ad blocking software. One of the biggest appeals of Adblock Plus for Mozilla Firefox is that it is well-suited to the beginner.Adblock Plus for Firefox
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Removing additional ads: Just as ad blocking software can remove too many ads, it can also fail to miss some that you want to move. Adblock Plus for Firefox makes it easy to remove components you do not wish to view, by just adding an option in the contextual menus to eliminate content from the browser window.

Adblock Plus for Firefox Typo Correction

A few months ago Adblock Pro Plus for Firefox came up with the development of the new feature Typo Correction and URL Fixer extension and made some substantial improvements. Now these functionalities are ready for prime time and are ready for action in Adblock Plus for Firefox.

Enabling typo corrections

This feature in Adblock Plus Firefox is opt-in and not default because the users only don’t use the address bar further more. The first time you make a mistake, the Adblock Pro Plus asks for enabling the feature typo correction. If Yes, then Adblock Plus firefox takes up the work. If you click “No” it disappears, but you can enable it in the filter preferences dialogue in the Adblock Plus.
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Wrong corrections

URL Fixer feature of the Adblock Plus for Firefox allows you to send some data which the software wrongly suggests very rarely. You can opt for the data collection in the Adblock Pro Plus in the URL Fixer after installing it. The data you send is fully processed by the server automatically in order provides better correction in Adblock Plus Firefox.


The Typo Correction feature is an additional feature in the Adblock Pro Plus. So if you do not want to support us, then you should make extra sure it is disabled. Whenever typo correction in Adblock Plus for Firefox brings you to the site of an extensive online shop, an affiliate ID added to the address. You make sure that if you buy something there, we get a small amount of money from the shop. However, for you, this changes absolutely nothing.

Adblock Plus for Firefox Free Download

The following link gets you through the download process of Adblock Pro Plus for Firefox. You can enjoy using it in your browser after you download and install Adblock Plus firefox. We may also offer you this extension in other browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer.

Free Download Adblock Plus

Screenshots of Adblock Plus for Firefox

Screenshots of Adblock Plus for Firefox
Screenshots of Adblock Plus for Firefox
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For any queries related to Adblock pro plus, please comment below. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Thank you.

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